Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meeting up with n.b. Thema

We did right moving yesterday as the weather was not as good today. We woke up to rain and it was windy as well. We had a bit of a lay in before getting up for breakfast. By this time it had turned to showers but you still couldn't get outside. We were then surprised to see n.b.Thema come round the corner with Del's Mum (Pat) and Keith wrapped up on the stern.
After a long chat on the towpath we arranged to meet up in the evening for a meal over the local pub. In the afternoon we chilled out in the cratch as the weather started to improve watching the boats going past. It has been quite busy here. We then got ready to go out and walked up to the pub with Pat and Keith.  We had a really lovely meal at a reasonable price and it was good company, what more can you ask for.
We got back in daylight which was 9.45pm just in time to catch up on the news before we crashed out..

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