Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just living it

We are really enjoying our time on our own after a hectic few weeks and are making the most of it. Al has got deep into her books at the moment while Del has been researching some future trips we have planned, he also picked up a book to read, a unknown sight. It is so lovely being able to have the time to do this and we fully appreciate it. We have also cleared out a few things in draws and cupboards, serviced the engine and gearbox and yep done some polishing in between showers. The plan was to do some painting, but no chance of that....Late morning we waved to nb The Manly Ferry (aka Caxton ) as they passed by in damp conditions! Lots of hire boats have gone by, so hopefully its a dry day tomorrow which will give all those people on their holidays a bit of a reprieve. This is a lovely life, but one question we always get asked is "What are you going to do when you get older?" Isn't that a great problem to have as it means you've lived long enough to get old. There are plenty of people who would have loved to have got older. Live today and not tomorrow, that's what we say.


Lisa said...

Wise words indeed young Al!!! You can't get a single day back, so I am glad you make the most of each you have,
Lisa x

Chas and Ann said...

Hi u 2 happy chappies. We passed by your boat when you were out, sorry we could not stop. Blacking and safety due at Braunston.

Thanks for your comment. Ann is fine still!