Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wrap up to Rugby

Another very cold morning and it was tempting to stay in bed but we got up to look at the scenery really. We were very much iced in so yesterday we arranged a trip to Rugby meeting up with Paul and Lynne off n.b. Piston Broke. We got the bus into Rugby and there we met up at Weatherspoons with Keith and Ann off n.b Oakfield. We had some cheap food and drink and got ourselves warmed up before we split up to do some shopping. Al wanted to get some more cushion fillers for Derwent6 and we managed to find some in Dunelm Mill.. We also picked up some warming treats to take back to Derwent6. We got the 4.00pm bus back to Hillmorton. We sat most of the night by the fire listening to the ice cracking round us.

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