Thursday, February 09, 2012

Preparation Day

With snow on the horizon again, today was going to be preparation day. We could still see ourselves frozen in for a few more days yet so resources are now getting low. You can plan these things but only for so long. We thought we would try and do a manual pumpout and while emptying it we would fill another container with water. This went wrong because the pump wouldn't siphon as it was still too low in the tank. We have about another four or five days left and thought it would be easier with no snow on the ground. Oh well!! That's a job for next week now. We did go and get another fifty litres of water and also helped out Ralph, an eighty four year old boater, on his own, just up from us.
On the coal front we are down to our last bag so it will be back onto wood for us...When we got back, we cut up the wood we had on the roof so we have a bit to last us for another couple of days.. We are now mixing wood and coal so we can keep it in overnight. This cleared the roof, so Del took everything else off and gave the roof a polish. OK now let it snow.. It was nice to be back on wood as we just love the smell. It's also very snug watching wood burn.. We just kept warm and at 7.30pm it did snow, not as much as they said it would, but we will see in the morning...

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