Monday, June 13, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Al walked up to the shop in Kintbury and picked up a few bits and pieces while Del took Derwent6 up to the water point and topped up while doing a manual pumpout. So we were then set for another couple of weeks as we waited for a boat to come up the locks. We made our way into the countryside and dropped down locks at Dreweat and Copse where we met boats coming up. We went through Hamstead lock and to a mooring we had marked in the book on the way up, which luckily was free. It's right next to a beautiful weir and there is only enough room for one boat......Derwent6 fitted in nicely. We set up the washing line, as we had washed a few bits on the way and then we settled in for some lunch. Afterwards we went for a walk to the village of Hamstead Marshall which took us across Hamstead Park. It was a lovely walk, but the pub was closed for refurbishment and opens again in July. So we walked back to another nice pub at Marsh Benham called The Red House. We don't know why it's called this, because it was covered in thatch and in orange bricks, but it looked stunning. So were the prices at £13.95 for bangers and mash, so a quick walk back to Derwent6 for something to eat at £1.50, beans on toast and a beer lol..........We were still very tired from the weekend so it was an early night for us.

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