Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lucky at Honey Street

Del was up early and built the bike up to take the two mile trip up to Honey Street as we wanted a mooring on the 24 hour spot right next to the pub. Low and behold they were all taken with some boats that were there when we came down. Still we took a note of the boats and waited to see if anyone moved. It was really windy and we had a sprinkle of rain early but Del still biked down the local shop (shed) and picked up some bread and a paper. We had just sat down for breakfast when one of the boats on the Honey Street moorings came towards us. It was papers away and a quick release of the pins, engine start and off. It was a short half hour trip and we managed to grab the mooring. There are a load of campers here in the field next to us and it creates a good atmosphere. It is only £6.50 a night to pitch a tent and £15.00 for a caravan but it is on a first come first serve basis. We were lucky enough to get a TV signal on this mooring for the football as well. The reason we wanted to get here was that they have music on Saturday nights in The Barge Inn which has a really hippie feel about it, one of those no shoes pubs.....

With all the campers and the boaters it's a real friendly bunch. You can smell the weed for miles (lol) and its the international crop circle convention centre, so you know what type of fantastic people you get here.

We just sat in the hazy sunshine for most of the day drinking cider and watching the boats and tents struggle in the wind.

In the evening we walked to the pub (all thirty feet of it) and found a table. Playing was a guy called Gaz Brookfield a local from Swindon who is very popular around here. He has just won Acoustic magazine's best Singer/Songwriter 2010 and uses the guitar as a percussion instrument. He was just fantastic. If you get the chance to see him then go. Del was drinking Area 51 cider, pure apples, which blew you socks off and Al was drinking Honey Dew an organic mixture of cider and bitter, and you shouldn't mix drinks!!! We got back to Derwent6 at 12.30am, and luckily we were so close to the pub and we had the bed ready to fall into.

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