Monday, June 20, 2011

Phew! we made it through!!!

Well plan B was we were up at 5.30am and through the first lock and swingbridge by 6.00am......the other boaters might not be very happy with us but we were super quiet. Aldermaston Lift bridge was going to be out of action for three days and we didn't want to be hanging around for that length of time. We knew that you can't use the bridge between the hours of eight and nine because of rush hour and we had to be through before the Berkshire council workmen turned up (probably midday then) but we got there for seven and the bridge was working ok so we made it with a sigh of relief. We took it easy after that and got to Tyle Mill to fill with water and sort ourselves out a bit.
Del jumped on the bike and took a ride down to Theale to see if there were any moorings, and there were loads. We got through the last lock and swingbridge before we moored up. We had some brunch before we had a little walk into town. It took about fifteen minutes and we were surprised how many shops it had and also a few pubs. We got back to Derwent6 just before it started to rain. Al then got a call saying her mum had been taken into hospital feeling dizzy and unwell. So Al was on the train like a shot to see her. When she arrived she had been discharged after loads of tests. Al stayed with her Mum and Dad overnight to make sure they were ok.

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