Friday, June 03, 2011

Hottest Day, lets do some locks

We were told by the lock keeper that the locks would be opened at 8.00am and n.b Strange Magic would be joining us. This would speed things up a bit but more importantly make things easier. The weather was perfect and predicted to be the hottest day of the year so far. Lucky us!We both got in the first lock at 8.20am and it wasn't long before we were going in and out of the locks together. We didn't know Roy and Celia at the bottom lock, but by the time we got to the top we knew everything about their family and friends....that's boating!!! We did the flight in a time of two hours; five minutes off the record time (according to the lock keeper), and we even passed four boats on the way.At the top we passed blogging friends Fiona and John on nb Epiphany and also Rita and Scooby on nb Festina Lente. Devises was busy, and we didn't stop as we were hoping to get to All Cannings.
It was quite windy as we were now a lot higher, but it was lovely to get into the reedy waters of the K & A with the Vale of Pewsey in the distance. It had grown a lot since we came down and was quite tight in places, but it was pinch yourself stuff with this hot sunshine. We spotted this little steam driven boat on the way. We got to All Cannings and all the moorings were taken except half a hard standing deck at the end. So we planted Derwent6 on the end and attached the stern leaving the bow sticking out in the reeds. "That'll do" we thought. We sat in the sunshine most of the afternoon and then went for a walk into All Cannings village. Its a sleepy little village with one pub and a wooden shed for a shop run by the locals. Even the telephone box is now used as a free book swap. We got back to Derwent6 early evening and had dinner before we settled down with telly

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