Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wow! Great News!!

We woke up to the news this morning that Len (Del's dad) has been offered a Kidney..Great News!! It just seems fate that they left us yesterday and we get this news first thing today. We then had to look for the nearest railway station and moved on for about a mile to find Tackley. We had to go through Pigeon's lock and then we were lucky enough to get a mooring in between two boats in very shallow water.

It was then playing the waiting game and waiting for the phone call to see if we could go in to the hospital. It was a lovely day again and Del and Thomas went wood hunting and found the station. We raced paper boats, paper aeroplanes and made a fishing rod from a stick and string. We got a call at 6.30pm saying he could be going into theatre so it was going to be one of those not much sleep nights.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news for Len! Please give him our very best wishes and we hope his recovery is as swift as the delivery of this news!!

Joy & Steve xxxx

steve and Chris Spreyer said...

Great News! We hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. Do keep us updated please.

Anonymous said...

What great news send our love
maxine & graham xxxxxxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve
Thanks! It's all a bit of a shock, it happens so fast you don't have time to think! will pass on your good wishes....speak soon lots of love x

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve & Chris
Thanks, it's been 9 years in the waiting and we all can't quite believe it's happened!

Del and Al said...

Hi M & G
Thanks! Can't quite believe it! It all happens so fast you can't quite take it in x