Monday, April 18, 2011

Next stop Oxford

We had a bit of a lay in this morning due to the fact we had been up early for the past couple of days and cruising for six hours a day. We left Newbridge at 10.30am after breakfast and made our way to Bablock Hythe after going through Northmoor lock. We passed all the mobile homes here and one of them was named Derwent. Who knows, when we are old and grey we may be living in one of these, if we make it lol. Mind you, with views like this these ones will cost you an arm & a leg. It was quite quick work with Thomas giving us a hand through all the self service locks.We then made our way up to Swinford lock where Thomas saw his first wild barn owl. We stopped Derwent6 in the middle of the river and watched it catch it's prey, fly to a tree, eat some of it before flying back to a barn with the rest. It must of had young in the barn. If you look closely you can see him hidden in the trees of this picture. We then stopped and filled with water while Thomas feed the swan's and duckings. We then travelled back to Duke's Cut, where we first joined the Thames, but this time we turned and went through King's Lock. We passed the remains of Godstow Abbey and went through the lock onto pastures green to Oxford. We were lucky enough to find a mooring close to the town centre, it was 3.00pm. We got changed and took a walk into town, not that we needed anything but just to have a look around. Thomas had a project at school to take some photos of interesting buildings. There are plenty of these in Oxford. We got back to Derwent6 and had dinner, Del then did some bits in the engine room while Al read her book. Thomas played his new game he had brought in town.

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