Monday, April 04, 2011

Down the Watford Flight

Del woke up still feeling a bit rough but we wanted to move on through the locks at Watford as Monday is normally a good day to do this. We were invited along to n.b. Moore2life and we had tea and finished off Al's rock cakes with Ann and Chas. We said our goodbyes and set off for the locks. We were lucky enough to see the last boat coming up the flight of seven, five of them being a staircase (where one lock goes straight into another). This enabled us to go straight down and we were at the bottom in under a hour. We were followed by this fella who must have wanted to go down the flight with us, we had to be careful not to squash him.We made our way along to Norton Junction where it was trying to rain so we moored up. We had just set up the aerial before it poured down.

We were then met by n.b Jean Ellen who pulled along side us, another Fernwood boat, and we chatted for about half a hour.

In the evening it was reading and relaxing.....

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