Monday, February 21, 2011

Whistling again

The weather was a bit poor so we thought we would stay put for the day... We needed a new whistle for the kettle and when we asked in the Kitchen shop last time we were in Lichfield, they said they would change it for us, free of charge, as there had been a fault with them. So we set off across the fields and over the level crossing to the bus stop where we caught the bus into town. It was a good thing to do on a mizzy day. We picked up a few bits at Wilkos like brushes and red Oxide paint, but we were a bit disappointed they had run out of their 79p fire lighters, we even got them to check the stock room.

We then had a coffee and a cake at our favourite Caffe Nero and then got the bus back to Streethay. It was lovely to hear the whistle of the kettle on the stove again especially when you're dying for a cuppa.
We sang some Bruce Springteen late into the evening with a glass of wine or two...

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Anonymous said...

Go on tell the truth you went in to Thomas Cook didnt you!!!!!