Tuesday, February 08, 2011

We're Empty, best move

With water showing one on the gauge, the poo tank showing nine and a half, and diesel at two we thought we had better move today. We left at 9.30am in bright sunshine, and headed straight for Kings Bromley marina, using up the last bit of water doing a laundry wash on the way. At the marina, it was one of those Ahhhhhh (Bisto) moments when we got it all done. We then set off for Fradley Locks with a smug smile and the sun on our faces. There was a lot of rubbish in the canal, after the strong winds, but we managed to get through clearing the prop, and the locks few times. We got to the locks, and with the sun out it was very busy with people everywhere. We still needed water and were a bit surprised to see a diver at the water point. We were even more surprised to see it was closed for the day...Great timing!! If you look closely on the hidden sign it says except Del & Al. Hmmm. Al approached the divers and luckily they had just finished and let us get water. While we were filling we used the cafe and had coffee and a cake in the sunshine. On the rest of the way down we meet up with Chris on n.b. Belle, and Jan on n.b. Huff & Puff and arranged a meet for next week sometime.

We moved on through the next two locks to Alrewas and managed to find a nice mooring.
It was late in the day (well late for us) so we took a walk into the village. It was pleasant to see how clean it was and no graffiti in sight. We were lucky enough to spot this guy camouflaged in the tree. We got to the fish and chip shop (The Alrewas Fryer) where the smell got to us and we had to have some. We walked around the village with chips in hand, (some of the best chips we've had, we got to say) checking out the three pubs, and as the chips had made us thirsty it was rude not to go in one. We went to the George and Dragon and were amazed at how busy it was.

Good job we brought the torch as we needed it on the way back..... We got back in time for coffee and then bed...

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