Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tree blocks the canal at Polesworth

It was so much warmer and spring like this morning and we thought we would let the fire go out, as we decided some cruising was in order. We moved down to the water point and topped up the tank as Al wanted to get all the washing up to date. We soon got through the slow Glascote locks and then pulled up outside Narrowcraft boatyard. We had a pumpout even though we could have gone another four or five days and we tried to fill with diesel but their tank run out at 34 litres. Good job we were only topping up and not desperate.

We carried on to Polesworth and were held up again with a tree down across the canal...Bingo!!

BW were cutting it up, so Al held Derwent6 under a bridge while Del walked up to see what was going on. They were cutting up the tree and putting into a holding barge. "any chance of some wood" Del asked. "Sorry, but we're not allowed to give it out or everyone will want some" he replied. So Del hung around and helped them with the tree and helped clear up. "So even boaters can't have this wood, it will be less for you to unload" Del asked again. "Oh go on" he said. and with that his mate got the chainsaw and cut it all up for us. We loaded it onto the roof and were waved through. With Derwent6 now full of water and nearly full of diesel and the roof full, we were a tad heavy. We took it easy to a mooring we like just the other side of Polesworth. Del then got out the chainsaw and cut up most of the wood to get it in the locker to dry. We then did the brasses on the roof. With football all evening we took a full earned rest with the sky turning red outside.

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