Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Windy, but had the itch

It was very windy overnight and still very windy in the morning, but we had the itch to move so we did. We had the wind behind us on the way down to Alderley Junction and the leaves had been blown to the sides, so we had a clear run. We couldn't get water as someone was on the water point so we turned onto the Staffs and Worcester. With the wind now in our faces, we made our way through the cutting luckily not meeting another boat. We then took in the fantastic scenery... We must be in for a bad winter, just look at the berries on this holly bush. The Kingfishers were following us through the trees as we dodged the leaves. We got to Gailey and stopped to fill with water. We then did the six locks in front of us till we got to Penkridge. It started to rain at the last lock and we did get very wet by the time we moored up.

We lit the fire and settled down for the night just warming up from travelling all day. It looks like we may be in for a very cold evening and a frost.

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