Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waiting in Anticipation

Al stayed down with her Dad while Del woke up on a cold Derwent6. We all waited in anticipation as to whether Pam (Al's Mum) had recovered a bit or things had got worse. The good news was that we never got a phone call overnight.

Del chopped up the rest of the wood on the roof in the morning and Al took her dad shopping for a few bits and pieces to take their minds off things for a bit. Del then got a call on how things were, and the good news is that Pam was a lot more responsive....She is a tough girl!!! She had been moved wards but was still on close observation by all the nursing staff, rigged up with needles and pipes. They still don't know what the cause was.

Alf (Al's dad) seems a lot happier as Pam even recognised him when they came towards the hospital bed.

They called Del on Derwent6 in the afternoon with the news...(you just dread picking the phone up) but it was better news..

We all slept a bit more happier than last night!!!!


Steve and Chris said...

Hi Both,
Really sorry to hear about Pam and glad to read she is looking better now, hope she recovers soon. Wish her well from both of us.

Sue said...

Yes that dreaded call...

Glad to see an improvement today, hopefully a speedy recovery for your Mum..


Les Biggs said...

Times like these you wish you lived around the corner.....Pam best wishes from me and i`m sure all the boating community.

Anonymous said...

big love - let me know if there is anything we can do to help and my love to Pam and Alf and you 2 2 big love xxxxxx