Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Emergency Call

We were woken up this morning by one of those calls you always fear. Al's mum (Pam) had had a suspected stroke and Alf (her dad) had already called the ambulance. We were soon getting dressed and walking to the station, which was half a hour away across the fields. This is one of those moments when money doesn't matter and time means everything. Del came back to Derwent6 while Al soon got the fast train down to Kent, and arrived by midday. Pam was in intensive care all that time and Al was met at the hospital by her dad and sister (Jo)

They stayed at the hospital all day while Del waited on Derwent6 with anticipation as to what was going on. After Pam stabilised they returned home and Al stayed the night with her dad. We were going to bed with that sick feeling hoping everything will be alright.

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