Thursday, November 04, 2010

Like a Fairy Tale

Strong winds and rain last night and we woke up again to strong winds... Shall we go or shan't we! Ummmm. Well we were moored close to the winding hole (turn around point) so someone was going to clout us anyway so we decided to move. We slowly made our way up to the lock, we say slow because with even more leaves in the canal we were still travelling in soup. We came out the lock and it was so pretty through the trees with all the colours and the Kingfishers were flying along side us. We were all sheltered from the winds. It was like travelling through a fairy tale land!!

We went over the A5 on the Aqueduct and then got to Brewood (pronounced Brood). We moored up and then had a walk into the village. We went to the local Greengrocer and the Butcher and picked up some pasties and some fresh bread from the Bakers. We popped into the Co-Op to get some firelighters and matches before getting back to Derwent6. Rain looked on the horizon and we moved on a couple of bridges before mooring up in the countryside. Del then chopped up some wood which we had on the roof before it poured hard. We tuned up the music in the afternoon and Del watched the football while Al played her game in the evening.

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