Saturday, January 03, 2009

Rock on 2009

Well can you believe it we're into 2009
We would like this opportunity to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!!

We have just returned from the south where we have spent Christmas and the end of 2008 with all our friends and family. Don't it go quick!!!!!!!!

It all kicked off when we went to our friends Steve and Deb's Christmas Eve party and who should turn up but the old waterways minister Jonathan Shaw
We then had a fantastic Christmas and Boxing day with family

New years eve was party time...this year it was bring your own food and drink with your own music and a bit of was a great way for getting rid of all the christmas leftovers

It all ended with us all together on New Year's day.

Now we're back on Derwent6, home, and the plan was to travel down to Braunston before the stoppages but guess what!!!! We're iced in again so that plan has gone out the window (or porthole)....still we are really looking forward to getting out there and travelling....

Today we just got ourselves sorted and Del went out on a bike ride (to lose some turkey). Hopefully we'll be on the move tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

sorry to have missed you over christmas - happy boating new year - hope to catch up soon! love and xxxx Zed xxx

Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Welcome back!!!

Wozie said...

We have a thin covering of snow today here in Gloucestershire. Looks as though you are very snug and warm aboard and getting to know your boat now. Glad you had a good family Christmas as we did, and Happy Cruising through 2009.