Friday, January 30, 2009

All trying to keep warm

We needed to stock up for the cold weather approaching, so decided to go out and find some fuel. We came back with a few bits and pieces and threw them on the boat to dry out a little. After sussing out the chainsaw, we put it into action, and it made the job so easy. (You can see that Al had somewhere to park the bike ha ha.)Al gathered a few sticks, which we will dry out for kindling.

We now have the lambs in the field opposite us and if you look closely at this picture you will see a small white dot on the right hand side of the bridge.

He was so sweet and you wanted to pick him up as he was shaking with the cold..

Here are some other pictures we took, as we have been watching them play all day.

1 comment:

Louise &Cliff said...

OI mind the paintwork those logs could scratch it,
So now its roast lamb and crispy duck get some rods and you have a fish course as well you could eat very well on the river you know lol