Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Day! but who cares

After yesterday we thought we would clean the boat today due to the fact it was covered in sawdust and carpet fibres.
On getting up we checked the bilge and guess what, we still had a leak. This is still leaking out the valve on the top of the hot water tank which is a 3 bar pressure valve. Fernwood had fitted a 4.2 bar water pump which they changed to a 2.2 bar yesterday. The flow still seems OK but the pressure is still pushing it through the valve. New valve we think!

On checking the water gauge, guess what! Not working! and if you give it a tap, comes up half way. This was a new gauge fitted yesterday, so onto the manufacturer for a modified gauge.

They say things come in three's.....

Sam from Foxton Lock Services came and looked at the noise coming from the engine area when at slow idle. We were moored up so just stuck it in forward gear and the noise appeared. "Looks like it's your propeller" he said. "What's the fix" we said. "You may need another prop" was the answer.

So this means Derwent6 will have to come out of the water at some point to have it's prop changed or modified, great news Uh!

None of this will stop us enjoying ourselves and the boat has definitely been made to feel warmer with the carpet now laid.

Al cleaned up all the inside today while Del cleaned the outside..A job well done we thought!

Our bad luck continued tonight with a broken plate and a broken small vase (the're only material things and can be replaced)

We're both off to the pub tonight for a well earned drink :-)


Halfie said...

Enjoy your drink, and I hope the problems are sorted quickly. Is it all covered by guarantee, or will you have to fork out for any of it?

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Guys, you are the cheeriest, most enthusiastic people I've ever followed on a blog so I know you'll soon get over all these little niggles! Let's face it, a new house always has loads of problems, why should a boat be any different? Just think of all the years of wonderful cruising ahead - sure beats working for a living!

Del and Al said...

Hi Halfie, yes its all covered thankfully, so that's good news :-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Greygal
Thanks for your really lovely comments, and yep you're right, there will always be snagging to do.
Thanks for following our blog and we'll add you to our bloggers list.