Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Manic Tuesday

It all happened today..We had Fernwood arrive to carry out a bit more snagging and the carpet fitter turned up. So there were wires, body's and carpet fibres flying around everywhere, but we now have a bilge not filling with water,(we hope) a water gauge that's works and a warning buzzer in the galley.

We now have a carpet laid in the saloon and bedroom which now makes Derwent6 feels even warmer and cosier than it already was. It feels like they are all separate rooms now, but it's shoes off when you walk in.

We are out of wood at the moment so had to go to the shop to get three bags of coal, so out came the sack barrow for the first time and it worked a treat. We are using Stove glow coals which have been brilliant for keeping in over night and if made a little bit damp, last a long time. We are having difficulty getting a Sky signal here at the moment so it will be another DVD tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Al and Del,

Would be interesting to know where you travels are taking you.

Speak soon.

Joy & Steve