Friday, November 14, 2008

Sound and vision

We have been really waiting in limbo over the last week or so.

So we were in anticipation as to what we would see when we got to Fernwood this time. What with so much still to do and dates coming and going.

But once again we were blown away with our new home.

The first thing we were greeted with was that the bow red flashing had been done and the stern deck and tiller swan neck had been painted.

If you look closely you can see the blue LED's fitted to the stern deck, these will light up the stern deck on those cold dark towpaths
When we stepped on board, all the lads (four of them) were working hard to get Derwent6 finished. The first thing we noticed was the LED lighting under the gunnels and the television and speakers fitted.

Under the two seater extra storage seats had been added.

As you can see the radiator looked fantastic and the dayroom rad looked just as good, although it has come out white in this photo, it is cream.

In the galley the doors had been fitted.

In the bathroom the toilet had been fitted and was being wired up, all the cupboard doors were added and shower near completion. All we are waiting for now is the bathroom mirror and LED's in the shower.

In the engine room there is still a lot of work to do as you can see............ and the engine hasn't been run yet.

Andy still has the doors and panels for painting roses and castles in this room and we will be collecting them as soon as they are ready, this should be early next week. The roof had been painted cream.

We are still waiting for the Morso Squirrel stove to arrive, but it is winging it's way down to us from Denmark. There seems to be a big demand for these now as more and more multifuel burners are going into homes, due to the present day crisis. Perhaps it should have been ordered in January, but who would want it hanging around the workshop all that time, and who would have predicted a credit crunch... We don't mind waiting !!!


Bottle said...

We do not mind waiting either.
Ha! Ha! Ha!,(Note to self must get treatment for this tendency for manic laughter).

Seriously though the boat is looking good, should be ready for Christmas.

Ha! Ha! Ha!, there you go it has started again.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Keith & Ann, we're really pleased with how Derwent6 is looking. Can't wait to get afloat, & bet you can't wait to get your fit out started...

Peruvian Skies said...

Can we join in the manic laughter, they reckon ours is going out in December Ha Ha Ha We did sneak a look and Derwent6 is looking great........

Heth said...

Good luck in your future home, we became "liveaboarders" just this week after letting our house out. It's taken us 13 months of waiting (since we bought the boat),we tried to sell the house first but the credit crunch ruined that idea! At last this is our dream come true & I hope it works out that way for you too!


Del and Al said...

Thanks Heather for your good wishes, and congratulations on moving aboard this week!!! I bet you're so excited.....the adventure has begun!
Hope to see you on the cut...