Thursday, November 20, 2008

All fired up

We had some problems obtaining the correct legs for the Morso multifuel stove, but now they are fitted, it fits in perfectly. The chimney hole was being cut as we entered Derwent6
The floor just looked fantastic now it had been varnished, and looked even more amazing in the dayroom.
It really is starting to feel like a home now and has a lot of character already. He is Al and Julia relaxing in the saloon going through our list of items still not done.

Chris had done the back bed board in the dayroom so the squab cover moves back when making the spare bed...The table needs to be fitted which has been made and in the workshop ready for the legs to be done.

The galley doors are now fitted and look fab--u--lous, these just need the handles on. There is still work to do in here with floor lighting and under cupboard storage...

In the bathroom the heated mirror has now been fitted and the LED's added in the shower. The electric pump and switch for the toilet had been fitted.

In the bedroom the memory foam mattress had been made and fitted, and the bed headboard was just being put up. There is a bedside table, full door mirror and the mechanical manual operation of the bed to be done here.

The new batteries had arrived as had the buttons (bow and stern) and side fenders.

The Engine room had the floor done and some extra cupboards were being fitted by Stuart. We will need loads of space for all the tools we have after being in the motor trade for thirty two years. The instrument panel had been put together and was ready for installation. The inverter had still not been fitted and because of this the engine has not been run yet. Let's hope there are no problems here...

In the cratch the table had been finished by Pete and the covers and cushions had arrived.

So it's not long now and launch is very nearly upon us..... We are waiting for a date on the Crane and low loader hire so...........Watch this space!


Peruvian Skies said...

Boat looks great and things seem to have really gathered pace. Lets hope there is no crane/transport problems and the launch is only a short wait away....Hope all goes well for the launch Cheers Dick & Netty

Bottle said...


We are watching with baited breath.

Had SMS on Tuesday but no update yet, so there may be another delay.:(