Thursday, November 27, 2008

Launch Date Wednesday 3rd December 2008

At last we have a launch date for Derwent6 to hit the water........ The cranage transport has been arranged with Barry Tuckey (who put the boat called Dover in the water on the TV programme "Narrowboat" )

This will all happen on Wednesday the 3rd December ........Hurrayyyyyyy!
The boat will go in the water and then have to be commissioned and all the checks carried out, so we should take posession of Derwent6 on Thursday 4th December.
We will then be having a launch day at Foxton locks on Saturday 6th December for all friends and family.. before we head off to the marina for Christmas...

There are three days for Fernwood to finish Derwent6 and there is still quite a bit to do, but she looks fantastic.

We spent all day there Wednesday, Waxing and polishing the paintwork and cleaning the inside so it's a bit easier for launch day.

There was still work to do in the engine room but the office desk area was coming on. Stuart and Rob had got their heads together and worked out the drop down desk thing, which looked fab.

The engine has now been running and was tested all the time we were there.. it was very quite under it's engine cover and as you can see there is another cover to go under this yet. So we should hardly hear it. The boat was lovely and warm with the heating boiler running all day on test. and the horn got a blast!!!!!!
We checked the table for height and the legs were adjusted, they unscrew for the drop down bed in the dayroom. The table is on legs so we can move it where we like and can be pushed in for when we just walk through. We are still waiting for the freezer here.
The headboard had been fitted in the bedroom and looks warm and cosy now.
We are sooooooo looking forward to next Wednesday, but there is a lot to do before then...

We have insurance, van hire, monies and gathering stuff together to sort out, but our doors are open and we are ready to rumble.


Bottle said...

Hi Guys

Great news.

We have been asked to be there by 9am Wednesday.

That will mean a start of about 6:15.

So, look forward to seeing you, do hope you will not be gone.

Don't forget the camera.

Pip - nb Windsong said...

Good luck for next Wednesday - hope all goes well for you. Can't wait until it's us!!

Pip & Roger

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!

Derwent6 looks beautiful and we can't wait to see her in the flesh. You must be so proud.

Unfortunately we can't make the launch party due to other commitments, but we'll look forward to having a good look round sometime in the New Year.

Look forward to seeing you both on the 20th.

Joy & Steve xx

Kev said...

Hi Del & Al,
She looks great, I bet your having sleepless nights now, would have liked to come and seen the launch but I am over in China working (booooooh)Hope all goes well for you-good luck!
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)

Mo said...

A beautiful boat without a doubt.
Have a great launch on Wednesday.

Which marina are you heading for first?

We are in the area so will look out for you as we cruise.

All the best for the great day.

Mo and V

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith & Ann

Yes its really good news for both of us....hope to see you Wednesday :-)

Hi Pip & Roger
Thanks for your good wishes, we're really excited! Will follow your progress :-)

Hi Joy & Steve
Thanks! Don't worry will blog some pics and book you in for the new year!!

Hi Kev & Ann
Yep you're right too excited to sleep know what its like! Look forward to meeting up on the cut next year.

Hi Mo & V
Thanks ever so much....will keep an eye out for you and if you're in the Foxton area on Saturday please come and say hello....