Sunday, November 09, 2008

Derwent6 comes alive

Well it's been a busy week trying to arrange van hire, insurance, and bits and pieces for the interior of Derwent6.

Due to the fact that Andy the boat painter could not drive because he was recovering from injury, we had to pick him up from Macclesfield and take him to Fernwood....but boy was it worth it..

Remember these drawings we made of how we see Derwent6, and how important it was to us we got the font right!
Well this is how Andy put paper to boat.....

Andy just drew two lines and brought Derwent6 to life...When the name goes on your boat it brings tears to your eyes...

The stern was then painted. We wanted this a bit different which is why we decided to have a heart

On the bow we went for the traditional Shropshire eye.

In the cratch (the area in the front of the boat) the table had been set up and the cushions had arrived. You can see Andy painting the bow.
While we were there the floor was being laid in the bathroom and it was definitely the right choice.

The radiators are now in, but there are still some problems here that need to be sorted out.

In the engine room the washing machine and tumble drier are now fitted and the desk area is being formed. This will be a multi-purpose room and a bit of a den.

This week we are still waiting for the wood burning stove and freezer to turn up but it is winging it's way to us from Denmark. We took Andy back home and he also took the engine room doors with him for painting.. He is painting the roses, diamonds and Castle. There is a story to tell on them, but I will fill you in when we collect them from Andy.

There still seems to be a hell of a lot of work to do, but we are being told launch could be in a couple for weeks....(We can't hold our breath much longer) With a birthday coming up on the 22nd it seems a good day to launch.


Louise &Cliff said...

I think that looks great i want one

Del and Al said...

Sorry Cliff but all the animal's won't fit

Wozie said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, it is very interesting to see all the progress as it happens.(nb Oakfield)
It is looking absolutely fabulous, I bet the excitement is building up now!

Anonymous said...

The boat is looking fantastic,felt quite emotional.We noticed there isn't a red flash on the bow and no outline on the heart,guess this is how you wanted it? The engine room looks great with easy engine access.Also see you ended up with a leg on the cratch table.See you soon on the cut.

Del and Al said...

Hi nbThema
We are so pleased with how things are turning out.
The red flash on the bow has yet to be done and the heart photo was taken before the outline was added.
The cratch table was just a mock up to check the height and will be fixed by two bracket under the cratch board.

But well spotted.............

Kev said...

Hi Del & Al,
Wont be long now then, hope to see you on the cut sometime, where are you planning your first voyage? By the way we still need Andy to paint our B.W.registration number on our boat.
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)

Anonymous said...

getting excited!!!! must try to meet up again before you go


Del and Al said...

Hi Kev & Ann
We have no plans, so will be going where the bow takes us.
Andy we're sure, will read this, but we will give him a reminder about your reg number.