Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sold (we hope)

Well today an offer was made on the house and we have accepted. We are so pleased, as this is difficult times for everyone.
We still have to sign contracts, but the couple who are buying can't wait so there shouldn't be any problems, as it is a very small chain.

This should move things along nicely, as we will soon be able to get on with selling our furniture to all our friends and family. (They will be pleased)


Anonymous said...

Hi Both,
Very pleased to hear your news on the house front.
Such a relief when things start to happen isn't it.

Peruvian Skies said...

good news !!! hope the sale moves swiftly on

Del & Al said...

Hi John & Cathy
Thanks it is a relief and we feel we can really move ahead now.

Del & Al said...

Hi Dick and Netty

Thanks ! we hope so too (along with the boat)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic News!
Get the legal stuff out of the way and hopefully it'll be plain sailing (pardon the pun!). At least this will be one less thing to worry about!
Can't wait for the 'leaving home' party!
Good luck with everything.
Joy & Steve x

Anonymous said...

whens the party? :)x

Del & Al said...

Hi Partyyyyyyyyyyy time!!!

We are looking at the Dates of the 31st May or Friday 6th June for the party depending on singer!!!!

Will let everyone know very soon.