Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reminisce the best day of our lives

What did we do for our Silver wedding anniversary then...

We had a lovely day, starting with a early morning bike ride around the lakes next to where we live, (at the moment,) and then onto our local gym for a sauna and a swim.

After something to eat we went on to the church we got married in. We were fortunate to find that it was open, and were able to go inside and reminisce the ceremony 25 years ago.

It was such a nice thing to do as we had the time to look at everything inside, in great detail, and found out a bit more history about the church, which has been around since 1242. You don't get time for this on your wedding day, or any service for that matter.

After walking around the village all afternoon, using the paths we used to go courting on, we made our way back to Alison's parents. There we got out all our wedding photos and paper cuttings and reminisced again. It was quite moving to see photos of our wedding cake, with the same flowers as Alison's parent's wedding cake photos, when they got married,(something borrowed, and old I believe)

In the evening we went out for a meal to the old resturant we had our reception in (the Monte Carlo) This used to be a Italian resturant, but is now a Indian (aren't they all), but what a fantastic night we had. With plenty to drink and a live band we reminisced again all through the night.

We now plan to reminisce the honeymoon!!!!!!!!!


Jill and Graham said...

Hi Guys
Snap but you beat us by 6 years, we celebrated ours on the Ashby Canal with a Nice bottle of Champagne and some very nice venison served with a pear and chilli chutney. Good luck with the build will keep an eye on progress.

Del & Al said...

Congratulations to you too! Sounds lovely!