Tuesday, March 18, 2008

25th Wedding Anniversary

It's our 25th Wedding Anniversary Today

Special memories, so much laughter and fun, and a new adventure hopefully for the next 25 years.


Philippa said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Just found your website, we will be following it with interest.
We are planning to retire onto a narrowboat when my husband finishes in the RAF in April 2009and the boat is in the planning stages with build slot booked for later on this year - we can't wait!

Good luck, and we hope that Derwent6 is in the water very soon.

Pip & Roger Haynes

Anonymous said...

Hi Both,

Sorry this is late by a day, but congratulations to you both on reaching your silver anniversary.

Regards and best wishes,
Pav - NB Marmaduke

Derek and Dot said...

Congratulations you two on 25 years, hope to see you back out on the cut again soon.

Del & Al said...

Hi Pip And Roger
Glad you're enjoying the blog,and thanks for your good wishes. Hope your build goes well (have you got a name yet?)
Keep in touch!

Del & Al said...

Thanks John and Cathy for your kind wishes....good to see your build coming along nicely.

Del & Al said...

Thanks Derek and Dot
We hope to be on the cut in April for a few days on nb Thema as we're getting withdrawal symptoms!