Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Quick Slow (guess who the slow is!)

Fernwood were working fast to get one boat out of the workshop three weeks ago, and then it was all speed ahead to get the Whitefield boat (which was shown on Waterworld) out last week.

But Derwent6 is still coming on very slowly.....not much has happened over the last three weeks as Fernwood have still been trying to get another boat out, and doing snagging on the ones which have gone out. The good news is that that boat is near completion, and for some, is that it has now made some space in the workshop, but there is alot of work to do for those who are waiting to get in the workshop.
As for Derwent6 the waste tank had been put into place, but thats about it.

As for us we have been busy. What with our Wedding Anniversary and planning our holiday and selling the house, let alone building a boat.

All good fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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