Friday, December 25, 2020

Up for 6.00am

 We were up at 5.30 am, yep 5.30am, as the shops opened at 6.00am. Al walked down to M&S and saw the queues out on the road because for some reason the car park wasn't open and the barriers were still down.. At 6.05am she was the first customer in the store and had it all to herself for about 15 minutes so grabbed all the goodies off the shelf and of course the turkey..

Del met her just as she walked out to help carry the bags back to Derwent6.. Sometimes living on a boat has its advantages. Once it was daylight we pulled over onto the water point and filled up while emptying the waste tank and then got out of there..

Again the canals were empty and cruising was much better as we had had a lot of rain..

And we pushed on back to Newbold.

At the tunnel it was just pleasant cruising..

We trickled up towards Brinklow in the muddy waters.

We took a chance as to whether a mooring would be available and of course it was empty. We moored again in our favourite quiet spot.


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Peter on NB Anna Claire said...

Nice clean wide towpath we know the spot well. Happy Christmas.