Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Gearing up for Christmas

 Well we're not allowed to mention Christmas before Del's Birthday, but just after it all things kick off..  The dec's go up, and the cards and presents get bought, all very tricky living on a boat.. With Covid this year, things have been even more tricky as one of Del's best mates Bernie was admitted to hospital with this awful virus.. Del has been distraught over the whole affair, but the good news is Bernie seems to have got over the worst and is on a slow road to recovery..  Its another reminder of saying just stay safe out there.. 

So Back to the Decorations, and Derwent6 has the right colours for Christmas..-

Sometimes we feel we should be pulling the sleigh along the canals full of presents for those here who need it right now..

We have our porthole stickers, and inside Derwent6 is warm and snug with the fire and retro sentimental decorations, a mix of childhood memories, and ones we have picked up on our travels over the years.. 

This is a time to smile, even when things are against you and you feel things could be better, and we are sure they will be..  We will be sending the cards out very shortly and Tooty has already started..

We have had no snow as yet, but lets just hope we get a sprinkle. Here's a picture to get you in the mood!


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Your boat looks lovely, have a great Xmas

Lisa said...

Thinking of Bernie and I hope all keeps getting better for him and all his family.

Del and Al said...

hanks Debbie, Happy Christmas to you too x

Del and Al said...

Thanks Lisa, It was a worrying time, but things are on the up. It's a horrible virus as you well know! Take care both x