Friday, December 25, 2020

All settled in and one more sleep, can't wait!!

 The following day we had torrential rain so it was a good job we got it all done yesterday.. It was one of those days when you just sit and throw another log on the fire with a sausage roll and a coffee in hand (with a little Tia Maria on the side) 

On Christmas Eve it was bright sunshine and a good day for us to walk into the village and pick up some parcels that family and friends had sent us and pick up a prescription.

We turned it into a lovely circular walk as it was chilly but warm in the sunshine..

We took the opportunity to walk up and see the landslide work which looked like it was finished. We had also had reports that a tree was down across the canal. When we got there we could clearly see that the work that had been carried out hadn't worked because the large stone barrier had shifted towards the canal and the slime from the landslide was going straight into the canal..

We helped a bit by clearing enough of the tree for boats to get through and the wood was also handy.. 


So here we are all set up for Christmas day. This will be the first Christmas we have had on the boat and the first Christmas we have been on our own on Christmas Day, weird times.. It will be the first time we have had Christmas out of Kent in both of our lives, again weird, but we are so looking forward to being completely out of the way, on our own, in this pandemic. Everything done even with our little Christmas card helper! 

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