Monday, July 20, 2020

Up to the end

So we have been quite static up the Ashby and it is starting to get busier now we are well and truly into the summer months..
We have to admit we have enjoyed being on our own and keeping our distance from others as much as we can, but don't get us wrong, we can't wait to party again in true Del and Al style..
It was nice where we were as after all that rain the water levels had come up and we could chain up nice and tight, but as the levels dropped down a little with all the traffic out there we could hear the gravel scrapping underneath Derwent6 again, so thought we would move to newer gardens.

We set off at around lunchtime after everyone else had got where they wanted to go and crossed the aqueduct to Shackerstone.
It always feels nice to be cruising again and with levels as they are slow is the only way to do it on the Ashby..
The canal soon goes into the trees and it is very pretty with its river feel.

The trees hung over us giving us a canopy through the drizzle and the bridges just made us concentrate for a bit..
Talking about concentration, you need a bit of that as you pass through Snarestone tunnel. First it has a big kink in it and secondly it gets lower as you head north, but its good fun.
Just the last couple of bridges before we arrived at Snarestone Whalf  and we could see a space as we went in and turned..

We reversed onto the water point and was surprised on how fast the tap was..

Just as we pulled away another boat pushed off and we slipped straight into its spot, perfect! We could get telly and were quite sheltered so that's our next 48 hours sorted..

The weather had been iffy all day with some light drizzle at times, but we decided to take a walk into Measham where there was a Co-Op. We took the new trolley and a brolly and set of for the 45 minute hike. We had to walk along a busy B road and were surprised that there was no footpath, so it was a bit tricky.. But as luck would have it, we stumbled across a lovely farmshop called the pop up farmshop (or the British food box) which had everything we needed, so we were back to Derwent6 inside 45 minutes instead.


Anonymous said...

Luvly jubbly, it's nice at the end of the arm, glad you didn't have to walk tooo far.
Ann & Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, really enjoying the Ashby x