Sunday, July 26, 2020

Full English and Hinckley

We woke up to more smoke on the water but this time we planned to navigate through it...
It was clear blue skies as we set off and a very pleasant day for cruising..
  The wild flowers were setting the scene for us as we made our way to Market Bosworth..
It was busy here with moored boats, but we had no intention of stopping anyway..
We pushed on towards the aqueduct at the battlefields moorings (we still have so much to see here).
The plan was to get to Sutton Cheney Wharf as again we had organised a Tesco's shop, and also we thought we would top up with water.. As we got there we noticed the mooring we wanted was empty so we blew out the water and moored up right outside the wharf.
In the distance you might notice a little white dot on the water. It was a guy with a model boat and what a masterpiece it was too.

Everything worked on it including firing the cannons. Talking to him we found out he also owned 22 submarines which was his speciality.
While we were waiting for our Tesco's delivery it was a bit rude not to walk over to the cafe and grab a full English breakfast.
It was so well organised, tables wiped clean, staff with face guards, ordering outdoors, and the food was amazing, we will be back..
Tesco's arrived on time and we loaded up Derwent6 with grub and more beer.

The wind had picked up a bit from when we turned up but Del still reversed back onto the water point with ease..

We then set off towards Stoke Golding and passed this boat with a coffin on the roof as extra storage, and a bed for one if required..
  We then  carried on under the tight quaint bridges and under the willow trees.

We reached Hinckley late in the afternoon and soon got out the beer and nibbles out in the cratch..

It had seemed a long day, but in fact it had been a very enjoyable day. Tooty said I like it here!


Anonymous said...

Best post ever...fab day, moorings, breakfast, grocery delivery...what more could you want?
Like the coffin/extra bed on the roof comment made me smile and will Del now will be inspired to make a model boat?
Btw our Grandson has learnt play 'Smoke on the Water' on his guitar.
Carry on, happy cruising with not too many boats about...yet.
Love K&A xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.Breakfast looked yum.Lots of love Terry and Ron xxxx

Unknown said...

That was either a model boat or HUGE ducklings!!! S&L. X

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys!

Keith & Ann, it sounds like you have a budding musician there...Fabulous! xxx