Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Taking the heat

So we feel we have been in a good spot for the last few days and thought we would stay till the weekend. We have had temperatures of 43 degrees on Derwent6 and it has been a tad sticky but we are not complaining..
The great thing is we are getting so much solar we could be sending it back to the grid, but worst thing is you feel so lethargic when its hot, and the cratch seems so tempting to just sit and watch the world go by..  The views are amazing and with a gentle breeze and a beer and nibbles you just have to soak it all up..
It has definitely got a bit busier on the canals now as it seems boats are moving out of marinas, not a bad thing as the canals need boats to keep them navigable.
One guy that doesn't like the heat is Tooty, his black coat doesn't help him in extreme heat and he has to have a cool off with a wet sponge every now and again..
  At the moment the roof seems to be his favourite place in the cool of the evening as he does his claws on the wood up there..

 We have also been enjoying seeing everyone on Zoom and are still carrying on with the quizzing to keep our brains active.

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