Tuesday, June 09, 2020

The Other Side

We were up early this morning as the weather didn't look too promising.. We pushed off and went under the new bridge at Crick..
At long last they have done a proper pedestrian bridge, which we assume was because of the Crick Boat Show, as it was so dangerous to cross here..
They have done a great job with the new bridge but you can still access the road from the other side and you have to cross the busy road to get to it, this probably needs to be closed so you can only use the footbridge side..

We carried on to the tunnel and was surprised how warm it was in there..
There were also a lot of bats flying about, mainly small ones but also two big ones.. It must have been perfect conditions for them as it was very humid in there, never seen that before!
We then came out the other side, where it turned cold again and was pouring with rain, so we quickly found a spot and moored up..
It is a good isolation spot and the signals are always good.. 
The weather was pouring one minute and sunshine the next but the day got better as it went on.. Del got out and had to clean Derwent6 again as it was covered in leaves and buds..  It is a lovely time of year now and lets just hope that soon the pub gardens will be open for us to all enjoy it..


tony said...

hi guys heard a rumour that watford flight is closed until further notice can you confirm this or is it towpath rumour

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, yes its now closed due to a problem with one of the gates. We were lucky and got through the day before!