Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Moving for water and heading north.

We woke up to that horrid drizzle this morning which when cruising you get so wet, so we thought we would wait until it had passed over.

Clive and Jackie on n.b Jacana were moving off today and they left an hour before us. We were both going into Braunston for water and they planned to stay as they had company coming up on Saturday..
We however wanted to move on from Braunston so we might just get better signals for our weekend Zoom chats we have with the family..
We filled with water and then reversed onto the pump out station..
Here we got two pumpout tokens as we hadn't had a good flush out of the tank since before the lockdown. We spotted Victoria who used to run the Clifton Marina and also her Mum and Dad who were running the boatyard when we first came on Derwent6, it was just so nice to see them all.
 We gave the tank a good rinse out and then just missed the boat cafe for a bacon butty. We said our goodbyes to Clive and Jackie and then set off north into the countryside towards Rugby.  We then stopped and just made the closing time of the chandlers so we could get a couple of bottles of Odourless to go in our now nice clean tank.
  It seemed busy here with boats when normally it has been very quiet, so we don't know why there are so many people about seeing there is a lockdown still.
We were invaded by these cows on a bridge, who weren't social distancing..

We soon got to one of our favourite moorings which was nicely over grown with wild flowers, and Tooty was in his element..

It had seemed a long day, but in fact we didn't leave till 1.30pm in the afternoon. At least we made the most of these long days before they start to get shorter..
We might sit tight over the weekend and watch the boats go by.. We did spot this Viking hire boat out and wondered why as it was very late in the day!!!!

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