Friday, June 05, 2020

The Feeling of Freedom!!

We were up early as today was the day. Yep!, we can move without restriction's..
Del got things ready to cruise and then pushed over Derwent6 so we could do a pump out and fill with water..

Al walked up the shop for the first time and posted a letter and got some BBQ bits including some Kentish Strawberries, while Del polished the side he hasn't been able to do for 11 weeks..  Yes! eleven weeks we have been here but we have loved it. Welford has been kind to us in lockdown, in fact it was sad to leave.. We said our goodbyes to Tim and Dana and also Carl and Lara on nb Book and Spud.

Even the Swans seemed a bit sad to see us go and gave us one last look on Derwent6, and then from the nest as Al walked up to the lock..

 Del followed and it was just so good to get everything turning again.
 We went through the lock with ease and then cruised to the end of the arm..

We took a sharp turn to Port and when back on mainstream Derwent6 felt at home..
  The sun was out and it really felt like we were free again and another adventure had just started, but we always remembered that the new wildlife would not understand boats and we just idled along to give them a good chance of surviving just like our Blue tits and six cygnets  ..
We can't tell you in words what it felt like to be out there..

We cruised for about 2 hours and moored up in a nice sunny spot..
The cat Tooty had a bit of a sad face on when we left Welford, but when we moored up in the middle of nowhere he was ecstatic and was rolling around on the towpath like a dog would do, happy as larry!!
We chilled in the sun and just took in the sights and smells of the countryside..


Unknown said...

Nice to see you guys got moved we've made it to Market Harborough waiting for Lara and Carl going down the soar together all the best Sharon and Dave x x

Unknown said...

How lovely to see you on the move again. Can't wait to join you somewhere when all the craziness is over. Steve n Raine. X

Del and Al said...

Hi Sharon & Dave, glad you got to Market Harborough, its lovely to be moving isn't it? Take care on the Soar, and hope the rain holds off for you. Enjoy! xxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Steve & Raine, hopefully it won't be too much longer, fingers crossed! xxx