Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Some good comes out of it

Its funny with this situation we are all in, there are always some positives to look at.. As we have said before we are somewhat used to this lockdown as we live in a six foot ten wide narrowboat, but the things we have noticed are first of all the wildlife seems to have had a new lease of life.. Tooty is loving the freedom of not having many people around, but so do all the birds and other animals.

Also the air feels so much fresher, cleaner, and easier to breath..  The other thing is the water, as with no boats using the canal the muddy waters just aren't muddy any more, and now we can see the fish just like you can on a river.. Its like living in a aquarium and fascinating to watch..

So we have had another shop delivered, but this time from Morrison's, so we share the delivery with Del's Mum and Keith and we take it up to them..
Al really has sussed out how to get a delivery now.
We haven't been anywhere and are just enjoying life. Yes we miss cruising, but it is a small price to pay when you think of all the wonderful people risking their lives on the front line. Remember, you are not stuck indoors, you are safe indoors..  Just enjoy life, the weather has been pretty good for this time of year and lets all just get through this by staying home.. If it was a psychopath walking around killing people you would, this virus kills people, a lot of people. STAY AT HOME, PROTECT THE NHS, AND SAVE LIVES


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the wildlife appearing in this calm quiet time that we are experiencing.
This is our 43rd day in lockdown and we are looking forward to our Tesco delivery that we have waited 3 weeks for! Might have to dive in and add more food, as stocks are so low now. Waited until midnight twice to place a new order, but no luck so far.
You're so lucky to have your own mooring space there, looks wonderful from you pics.
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

I know, delivery slots are difficult to come by. I'm alternating at the moment between Tesco & Asda, and feel a sense of achievement when I manage to get one lol!! We're very lucky where we are. Lovely views, really quiet, and the canal is so clear with no boats churning up the mud. Stay safe both xxx