Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Lockdown procedure

So here is our lockdown procedure for this difficult time!
Well for us its pretty much the same as normal really, except we can't move. Well we could move, as we might need diesel/water etc, but as with any boating you just need a little bit of planning.. We are in just the right place, for us, and we have all the things we need right here on Derwent6, after all it is our home.. We know that some people that have houses as homes are struggling to survive without going out.. Our life is an outdoor life and we are lucky that we don't even feel like we need to go out. We don't have a freezer on board, but food still hasn't been a problem yet. We are having small meals to make things last a bit longer, but this is helping with our weight loss programme.. So you don't have to go out for milk, a paper, or butter if you run out, just do without and make do with what you have got.. On the food front we can get a delivery from one of the main supermarket chains.. I know they are saying you can't get a slot, and it is tricky, but we have managed to get one.. Lots of small companies are now delivering as well, and we have a fruit and veg box on the way, and a delivery from the local butchers.

The other thing people are saying is that they get bored. On a boat there is always a list of things to do, in fact that list can get stressful if it gets too long. Del always has the brasses if he wants to get out and Al gets her head into a book sitting out in the cratch. That way we both get some fresh air... Its a great time to attack those jobs you always leave as they are a pain to do or difficult to approach..
We also do exercise on the boat, not star jumps and the high beam, but just stretching to keep flexible. We even dance to a good song on the radio sometimes.. So you don't always need to go out for a walk down your local park or even take a run or go out on your bike..
I think the message we are saying is PLEASE JUST STAY INDOORS (or in your garden) it will just help save lives and stop you losing someone you love or someone very close to you..

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