Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lord Muck luvs it

Well, we have lovely scenery, we're already self contained, and we have to walk everywhere anyway to get food or have to arrange a delivery somewhere as we don't have a car, so things are pretty normal.
But, we do this for the adventure, and not being able to move can be quite testing. The longest we have stayed in one place on the cut is 13 Days and although we can move for water, diesel, or for our waste tank, we have it all here. We can even dispose of our waste very easy, so we are in the right place.. We can keep Del's Mum and Keith supplied with food and have anything we need sent to them, as they live nearby.
One guy is enjoying it though.. Tooty is finding its very quiet out there and he can wander were he likes and mouse catch all day long, he strolls around like Lord Muck..
He is venturing out and about investigating his surroundings.

He has to tread on his (disinfected) mat when he comes in, he must think its like the Foot and Mouth days..
We make sure we go out with a mask and gloves, lets be honest we have a great supply of gloves that Del uses for the brasses, three boxes in fact. We were lucky with the masks as we needed them for blacking Derwent6 and are finishing up our stock..
So what have we been doing, well nothing just like all of you out there.. Del has always got his guitar, computer games, and there are always the brasses to do..  Al has her phone to stay in touch and good books to get into, just chilling in the sunshine with a cup of tea, but food is her main objective and getting a delivery every couple of weeks.
 Until out next delivery we are even down to rationing the chocolate, and this was a mini fun size!..

So all hunky dory here but it is very harrowing to watch the telly and see another 900 people have lost there lives to this horrid virus. The sad thing is the families and friends can't even be with them or go to the funeral. How do you live with that? lets hope we don't have to find out.  Please stick to the guidelines STAY AT HOME, PROTECT THE NHS, AND SAVE LIVES!


Anonymous said...

Awww, lovely post Al, glad Tooty is in his element there, his coat is so shiny. Has del polished him too, lol.
At least you have some wonderful places for walks all around you.
We did our first shop on line 2 wks ago and got it the next day, couldn't believe our luck! We did another last week and it won't arrive until the end of the month.
Like you we are rationing and don't know what we'll do when we come to the end of the Christmas chocolate biscuits. Is the little shop in the village still open?

Anonymous said...

Btw that was me and the Cabin Boy posting above, lol.
I expect you guessed that though!
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Thank goodness for Christmas presents! That made us laugh as we have just polished off a panettone that was lurking in the cupboard! The little shop in the village is still there, and is also a post office which is handy.