Saturday, November 24, 2018

Born in 59 and is 59

It was a cold night, in fact it was minus two, just not enough to make the canal freeze. There had been freezing fog and everything looked so pretty..

It was Del's Birthday and Al had plans as always..
We had to get up early and Del opened his cards, this one summed Del up (as you will see later)..
We then took a pretty walk to the station where we got the train down to London..

We headed for Oxford Street and the Christmas lights were up in all their glory.
Al brought Del a couple of presents he had wanted and then we headed to Hard Rock of course. If we go to London we normally use Hard Rock as we get VIP treatment..
We had the ribs which are sooo filling and we couldn't have a dessert.
They wanted to do the birthday thing and still brought out a small ice cream to share, we did manage that..
We then met up with Paul and Sam (who just happened to be in London), but first Del wanted to see Carnaby Street which had all the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody in lights.


 It was weird hearing everyone singing the lyrics as you walked down the street, great for a Queen fan!

It was well worth seeing and at 3 Carnaby St they had a 'pop up' Queen shop..

Here you could buy all the merchandise you wanted and they even had the raw lyrics (in a cabinet, of course) and Rogers drum kit.
You could even get a queen tattoo on the spot.. We then met Paul and Sam in O'Neil's at the end of the street and it was cocktails all round for a couple of hours..
We had such a laugh and it was great to see them both..
From there we left and walked over to the Dominion where Al had booked tickets to see 'Bat out of Hell' the musical
As we walked in the stage looked great and what a show it was.

We had fourth row seats and really got into it.
Jim Steinman's lyrics just come alive.. 
A fantastic performance..
Buzzing we then got the tube back to Euston and then back to Leighton Buzzard. It had turned cold again and we were pleased to see Derwent6, and also glad we had made the bed up..  The fire had kept in all day so it was just a nice temperature when we arrived, and Tooty, after being in all day, was out like a bat out of hell!!

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Anonymous said...

SO gld you enjoyed the show.Knew you would xxxTerry and Ron xxx