Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Relaxing Cruise to Huddlesford

We set off at 9.00am from Tamhorn park farm and headed towards Hademore..
We first hit a hazarded where a CaRT boat was moored in the middle of the canal but we still had plenty of room to get by..
This is a very pretty section with its quaint bridges and over hanging trees..
At Hademore you can always see the lines of Polly tunnels in the fields.
We then reached the lovely village of Whittington and went past the rows of well kept gardens, It's all very relaxing.
We then got Huddlesford, one of our favourite moorings and we were lucky enough to get a good spot just far enough away from the pub and the railway..
Tooty was off in a flash thinking "I know it here" and rushed to the coolness of the bushes.
Al was feeling a tad better after starting her course of tablets. She still can't take a shower on her own, feels woozy and can't look down because she still feels giddy and starts to fall. The tablets are also making her feel a bit drowsy. We might just have to rest up for a few days.


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