Friday, March 04, 2016

Cloudy or Clear

With a wet day in store and snow on the cards, we woke early but just stayed in bed and snuggled down.. That's what we love about boating, if you fancy doing nothing then you can just do that.. Al was having a bad day and had hurt her toe on the gunwale overnight somehow, so the rest would do her good. Del on the other hand was looking at the diesel tank, because when he took a sample out of the bottom of the tank, it came out a bit cloudy.. He then drained the water trap filter and ended up stripping it down to check it for diesel bug.. Everything we crystal clear at this end and that proved that the clouding from the tank wasn't getting to the engine.. Mmmm something to keep an eye on.. and more regular samples to be taken, maybe we just got some dodgy fuel from somewhere or where Derwent6 has been left with half a tank of diesel, we may have gathered a little bit of condensation..
Del the cleaned the porthole liners through Derwent6 while Al read her book and we then got some snow. It was quite thick at first and started to lay in the fields, then it just stopped.

We just threw another log on the fire and the Tooter just took to his favourite viewing position..

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