Friday, June 21, 2013

Hectic few days with no sleep

As a lot of you are aware Al's dad has had to have chemo therapy and her Mum has to be looked after so we both got Derwent6 looked after and got the train down to Kent.. Al took her Dad, Alf, into Kings collage hospital in London while Del looked after Pam, Al's mum. Alf went into Hospital on the Monday and had the chemo on the Tuesday and the plan was to pick him up on the Wednesday.. All went well even though we didn't get much sleep with Pam up half the night and Al sleeping with her to comfort her.. On the Wednesday we got a call that we could collect him in the afternoon, so after the carers had been for Pam we left for London..Well this didn't go too well at this point..First we had Pam sick in the car going to pick Alf up and then we had Alf not too well from being discharged. We also had to deal with rush hour in London, welcome to the real world, Del and Al... We managed to get them home and then got them settled back in the comfort of their home.. Pam did not look good but Alf wasn't too bad.. Del had to leave to go back to Derwent6 and Al stayed with her Mum and Dad...She had just dropped Del off at the station when she got a call from the hospital saying her Dad had to go back in because the platelets were low in his blood and he may need a blood transfusion. What, you're joking...She couldn't get hold of Del to come back, so she rushed back to the house where the carer's were still there.. One of them was able to look after Pam while Al's sister drove down from Farnham to look after her. Al then took her Dad all the way back to King's in London. He had to stay in overnight and she drove back and got to her Mum and Dads at midnight..Del got back to Derwent6 at 10.30pm and cracked open a beer..Ahhhhhhh

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