Friday, June 21, 2013


Today Del moved Derwent6 and Al was still down her Mum and Dads.
Her sister was with her Mum now so it gave Al a bit of a respite.. she used the car to drive back to Derwent6 where she meet Del at Rugby.
We quickly got in the car and drove to Coventry...
We managed to use our expertise to find a parking spot close to the canal and then walked to bridge 9 where we managed to get in the queue for the concert.
While waiting Al bumped into an old school friend Barbara who funny enough was 50 last month as well. It was good to catch up and they sorted out phone numbers and things to see each other in the future..
We had a spit of rain whilst queuing to get in the gates but it didn't bother us.. The gates opened at 4.30pm and we rushed to the pit, and when we looked we found a better position for Al on the barrier which was a bit raised. We then had to wait two and a half hours before he come on, he never has a support band and played for three and a half hours non stop.. Just Brilliant!!!!!
Bruce played all his top tunes like Born In the USA, Born to Run, Glory Days, The River, Thunder Road to name just a few..
We walked out of the stadium knackered and walked back down the canal to a Fish and Chip shop we knew.. We just got there before the mad rush and while we were eating them outside they run out of chips..  Result!
We got back to Derwent6 at Midnight and went straight to bed, still with our ears ringing and our hearts pounding!!

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Inga Daniel, Sweden said...

He was in Gothenburg last year. What a fantastic evening. He was brilliant. On time and, like you said, for 3.5-4 hours.