Monday, June 10, 2013

By the Seaside

As you may have gathered we have been off Derwent6 for a couple of weeks.. We have been down in Whitstable in Kent where we went to Zoe's, a good school friend of Al's, 50th Birthday Party...It was a great night and a lot of drink was had by all..

Afterwards,we stayed at Zoe's and Greg's looking after their two super dogs Jumble and Rummage while they went away to Barbados for a couple of weeks..
It was a chance for us to live by the sea for a bit and Whitstable was an old seaside oyster fishing town and still is....The first thing we had to deal with was that the dogs were up at 5.30am in the morning wanting to go out, a routine they are used to but we aren't lol.. The first week was quite cold for the time of year but it gave us time to get to know Whitstable.
They only have to take 75 steps before they are on the beach and another 100 metres before they are in the pub, on the beach, idyllic....
The Second week it warmed up a bit and we were able to sit on the beach, watch the sunsets and have Fish and Chips with friends....
Dave and Diane came and saw us for a day and we had a relaxing time with them..

We also saw Bernie and Sarah where we also pubbed out and had a BBQ..
We had a great two weeks although we did miss Derwent6 and home.. You still get that itchy feeling that you just want to move on.. Zoe and Greg arrived back and the dogs were so pleased to see them..
After a bit of breakfast we left them in peace to get over their jet lag and we made our way back to Derwent6 to get over our early starts in the morning.... Derwent6 was being looked after by various boating friends who keep in touch with us by texting....thanks guys. It was good to walk back to the tranquility and the peacefulness of the canals...

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Anonymous said...

You stars!!! Rummage is missing his mate Del so I said he could come and stay with you on the boat!!! I would also like to point out that I am an old friend of your's too Del and there is no denying it!!! We owe you big time and hope that you have recovered from your early wake up calls!!
Love you xxxxx Z