Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Up to Crick without a paddle

There was a fresh wind and we had rain overnight but we felt we needed to move on today.. We said goodbye to our fellow friends and they looked a bit sad we were going..
We twist and turned through the countryside and then soon approached the Crick Tunnel..
This tunnel is always very wet so Del was glad we had the roof polished..
After a soaking we moored up to see if there were any spots in a location we could get telly..There were two so we pushed off and got into one..
Del spent the next hour wiping the roof down as the tunnel leaves these white marks if you don't..  Al checked online of the times at the cinema as our plan was to go to Rugby.. After lunch we made our way to the bus stop and caught the 12.30pm bus.. We go into Rugby at 1.00pm and then walked down towards the cinema.. We were surprised to find the footbridge across the railway was closed so we had to walk the long way round to the retail park..We just about made it before the film started..It was cheap Tuesday and we went to see the new Die Hard film with Bruce Willis, and typically it was full of action from start to finish..
We came out and had to walk the long way back into Rugby and ended up getting back to Derwent6 at 5.00pm.. We felt it had been a long day and we had made the most of it..


Halfie said...

Nice title!

Blue Point said...

Hi, we were at that marina a few years ago things haven't changed then. One of the reason's we left. cheers Robert NB BLUE POINT

Wozie said...

We had the same cold shoulder treatment and try to avoid ever calling in there again!