Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another Weekend away

On Thursday we moved down to Rugby and on Friday we left early to go down to Kent. We had plans to meet up with Maxine and Graham but they were both in bed with flu. We saw Pam and Alf (Al's Mum and Dad) and then made our way to Bernie and Sarah's in the evening as we were going to the Beech's restaurant where they had a Michael Jackson evening. We met up with friends Steve and Erica and had a great night.. The Beeches has had a revamp and is now a pub restaurant and still under going some major changes..
On Saturday we spent the day with Bernie and Sarah, celebrating Hannah's birthday from the week before......We had a fun evening.. On Sunday we left to get back to see Pam and Alf and then at lunchtime we got the train back to Derwent6.
Derwent6 was cold and it took us about two hours to get it warmed up.. But it was lovely to be home..   It was a small anniversary of ours today as it was thirty four years ago when Del asked Al out.... Al cooked a lovely meal to celebrate and we had an evening of reminiscing......

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